Follow The Arrows To Higher Ratings!

Introducing SongSorter from ComQuest! SongSorter is the new way to analyze your stationís callout research. SongSorter makes it quick and easy to see which songs have the most in common with each other. Visual triggers like Up & Down arrows, color coding and compatibility plotting make it easy to see which songs fit together well and meet the expectations listeners have of your station.

One Stop Callout Analysis

SongSorter blends together your weekly callout research results with BDS, SoundScan and Internet data to give you a total picture of whatís happening with specific songs in your market. Youíll easily identify the hits and the stiffs more quickly and accurately than ever before. Click here to view a PDF of SongSorter screenshots.

Drill Down Into Your Data.

SongSorter gives you control over the look and feel of the data dashboard you use to filter and sift through your callout results. You define what attributes to trend in SongSorter; which demos, gender, ethnic and station listening clusters to plot, in which order and in whatever color you desire. Itís fast and easy to see which songs make the cut (and those that donít!) Compatibility plotting visually segregates listeners that feel a certain way about a particular song, and displays how they feel about all other songs in your test, based on Familiarity, Positive Acceptance, Burn and Dislike scores.

Data tables and spreadsheets were fine when you had no other options. But now you have a choice: SongSorter. If youíre in a competitive battle and need to get the highest possible return on your callout research investment, you need SongSorter! And the best part of all is that SongSorter is now available, and free to all ComQuest clients.

Download & Install SongSorter

Click here to download SongSortInstall.exe Run the Install program; only the program files are updated; data is not touched.

Fun Facts To Know & Tell About SongSorter
  • When you launch SongSorter, the last 90-days of raw data is loaded into memory, making calculations and data crunching almost 1,000X faster (no hard-drive access!)
  • All SongSorter data tables can be sent to PDF, HTML, Excel, Word or Text with one-click!
  • You can load fresh data into SongSorter as often as you like --- every day if you want --- by simply clicking the "Download" icon
  • Every field and bit of data you see on the screen is totally configurable and customizable by you!
  • The SongSorter Compatibility matrix creates a "Euclidean Distance" data table; comparing each Song's Positive/Dislike/Burn and Favorite partisans against all other songs'. For a test with 30 songs and 100 in-tab respondents, that is over 8-million datapoints, all calculated in less than 1-minute! (OK, this was a rather lengthy Fun Fact, but wasn't it worth it?)
  • SongSorter gives you full and total access to all your callout data - raw song scores and respondent names and phone numbers (is your head ready to explode yet?)
  • With SongSorter, you can look at one of those cool "Real Time" wavey graph things, that lets you listen to the hook, and see how respondents scored each song in real-time.

Version History

*** The Trend Graph (at bottom of Song Detail window) is now working, with any of the variables you've selected to display. Also re-sized the Song Detail screen to 1024 by 768 resolution, for your viewing pleasure.

*** This upgrade made a slight change to the way the Respondent records are stored.

*** Fixed Arrow droplist order issue. Also, you can now select "BDS" as one of the Arrow options (the directional arrow indicates whether BDS detections are trending up/down, or flat.)

*** Resolved issue for demo changes; it now properly compiles new demo breaks and overall/trend totals with the "old" demo breaks. Also maintenance release; all new compile of all Run Time Library DLL's, and added "Renew License" screen, allowing you to update your user license during the 10-day drop-dead warning period.

*** In the SongBrowse screen, songs that had "0.0" as a score (for Burn, Dislike, Fave, etc.) would not be displayed, if this was the sort order you were using (they would magically "re-appear" when you selected a different sort order).

*** Now have the SongBrowse screen utilizing the Red/Green/Yellow parameters you have set in Browse Colors for the Positive, Familiar, Burn and Dislike attributes.

***- When creating a Job with "Completes Only" checked, SongSorter would skip Respondents that were anything other than "Complete/X"; now it merely skips Respondents that are "Take Test/X" (It will now include "Terminates", "CallBacks", etc, as long as they have scores). Also: changed dates on Last Completed Cycle and Last Cycle to display as European, if Windows is configured that way. Also, new Bell Curve settings for Browse Colors is no longer automatically created after you run a new Job. This allows you to set/change the Browse Color settings (for Positive, Burn, Dislike and Familiarity), and not have them overwritten the next time you create a Job. Note: If you want to create a new Bell Curve set of values for a new job, you will have to go to the Settings / Browse Colors tab, and click the "Bell Curve" button manually. If this becomes too much of a pain for some users, we could probably add a setting to do this automatically (or not do it).

*** Fixed multi-tier Quota importing (previously was only importing the first Quota tier), as well as Report Profiles for Tier 1, Tier 2, etc. Also have enabled the Song-to-Song Compatibility create / display functionality... give us your feedback on this exciting, new way to visualize how your songs "fit" together!

*** Fixed C-File rebuild staying open when starting program. Also have 90% of the new stuff done for Song-to-Song Compatibility --- matrixing each song in your test against every other song, and displaying how close each song is to each other, based on Positive Acceptance, Favorite, Burn and Dislike. The "Euclidean Distance" between songs will help you know which songs go together well, and those that don't. Trying to build Cume... or TSL..? Now you can design your very own "train-wreck" song-to-song seques, just like the Jack format!! Check it out:

*** - New SkipCume and SkipPreference options on Perceptual Questions in ComQuest.

*** - Added Report Profile support (Add / Change / Delete); under the "Utilities" menu. Also fixed non-working Delete and Close buttons on Browse Jobs window.

*** - Fixed skipping songs that were numbered "99XX". These were previously-reserved numbers for interactive questions, but can now be used by SongSorter as well. Also fixed the missing Perceptual Files error when trying to import SongSorter files that were created in pre-version 4.0 ComQuest software.

*** - Fixed the "Invalid Record Declaration" for Quotas & QuotaDefaults when opening program. Also stream-lined the Download/Import in the case of new/startup databases, where there is no data existing already.

*** - Fixed the "Duplicate Key Error" when importing Perceptual results. Also, resolved problem with selecting/displaying previously-created job (i.e., it now works!)

*** - New one-click "Download" - no more start/end dates or importing after downloading; all the freshest data is automatically downloaded each time you hit our server!

*** - Integrated real-time data download / importing via NetQuest Connect component. Gives you true 24/7 data access, via a live Internet connection. Fixed Cycle data import, so it stays "synched" with Call Center at all times. Nag screen now displays after importing fresh data, reminding you to create a new Job.

*** - Added "Category Field" to Song Library -

AND Editable Song Library Browse with options to view only the most-recently tested songs, and/or those that currently have a Category designation. This field (Category) is also now available in the main SongBrowse screen and in reports! Sort and filter using category.



*** - Added Demo Break Positive fields to Song Browse; fixed demo break calculate error in song-by-song screen.

*** - Finished work on song-by-song Matrix. Now up to 8 user-defined variables are tracked horizontally.

*** - Fixed Browse Column width defaults. View Wizard now saves column widths once you adjust them (click "Modify View", then "Save" and overwrite existing view to Save.)

Split the program Settings into two sections;

SongSorter Settings Quotas / Defaults Settings


Added the "Last Cycle" and "Last Complete Cycle" date-ranges to the Create Job Wizard (on the Date screen).

This helps to ensure you select the correct/valid date range when creating a Job.

Added colorized cells to the main Song Browse screen. Currently, Mean, Total Familiarity, Positive, Favorite, Burn, Dislike, Hate, So-So and Potential all get color-coded (Green, White, Yellow, Red) depending on which quartile each song scored in for that particular attribute.
I can add more fields to the colorization process, once I see if anyone actually uses this and requests that they be added.


*** - Added Global Median values for the following attributes: Cume Stations 1-3 Favorite, Positive and Potential, and P1 (Station1 -3) for Favorite, Positive and Potential. These values are calculated on-the-fly for whatever dataset you're viewing, and can be used to create a dynamic Query which compares song scores to one or more of the Global Median values.

Import file path/name field will now handle lengths of 255-characters.

Added 5-week trending variables to Browse for Mean: TW, LW, 2W, 3W, 4W, as well as MeanAverage, which calculates the Average of all (available) Mean scores for each song for (up to) the last 5-weeks.

When importing new data (from a SongSorter file), the data is now also added to the In-Memory data (previously you would have to exit out of the program, so the new data could be loaded In-Memory the next time you go into the program).

Fixed the "Bind" data error that resulted when you would last look at a Saved Query that used one of the new Global Median values.

Fixed the BDS/SoundScan Browse, so you can now click on the header you wish to use to sort the data.

ComQuest, LLC.