Program Directors live and die by the quality, reliability,and actionable nature of their station's callout research. ComQuest is first and foremost a developer of market research software products for the broadcast industry. It's our passion and our singlular focus: to help contemporary radio stations learn as much about their audience and their music tastes as possible --- creating the opportunity to maximize ratings and deliver the largest possible audience to advertisers.

ComQuest is unique in the callout industry in that we provide:

  • Complete details on every test taken, including full access to respondent information (name, phone number, zip code and frequency of participation).
  • Test results that can be audited; down to the individual song score level of each participant.
  • Internet-based results, available 24/7, customized to your needs.
  • SongSorter analysis software to analyze and dissect each cycle of callout.
  • Group Owner Programs allow executives at the top to standardize methodologies and review results.
  • Results can be aggragated for smaller market stations that can’t afford to do music testing.
  • Unlimited client support, assistance and advice in data interpretation.

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