This page is dedicated to providing our clients and friends with insight into the music testing world. Over the course of the year, we will release several articles that help our readers in making better music testing decisions. Yes, music testing is not always the same; there are several key differences between the vendors who provide these types of solutions.

"Callout Research: Part Deux!"
Steve Rivers included ComQuest's Garry Mitchell in his roundtable discussion about the State of Callout research. [Published by, 1.12.06] Read the full article here.

"How to leverage the Group Owners position in Music Testing"
Infinity's answer was to settle on just a few approved vendors and the number one motivation was to save money, but is it penny wise and pound foolish? Could more leverage come from having full access across the board to all aspects of the music testing from any vantage point with reports that make sense no matter what your position or where you are. Nice to save money but why not create true collaboration at the same time? [Published by All Access, 2.09.05] Read the full article here.

"Five Tips And Tricks For Your Next Auditorium Music Test"
Before you field that next AMT, take a look at these tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your library test. [Published by All Access, 11.30.04] Read the tips here.

"The Music Meeting -- What works?"
All agree that this is an important PD function and most have a process but does it really work? When does the vote of your listeners take precedence over your own opinion of the music that people want to hear? Is music testing at the front or the back-end of you process? Do you get all the input you need in order to feel confident that you are making the right decisions? [Published by All Access, 10.12.04] Read the full article here.

"Riding in the car listening to the Radio"
Quality time without interruption and when you are in total control vs. going to a party and having to listen to what the host is playing. What is the true test of your music preference, going to an AMT or participating in one of several Personal Music Tests at a facility that is convenient to you? [Published by Radio & Records 9.10.04] Read the full article here.

"So what's in the Sausage? Or does anyone care?"
Analogy of music testing in the blind vs. music testing with full view, speaks to the virtues of ComQuest.

"Does Modeling work in Radio Music Testing?"
Seeing as we don't need to know what is in the sausage, then maybe artificial ingredients are just fine, as long as we can digest them. Comparison of how you can take a very limited sample and measure it against a larger group of results and determine the standard deviations and uplift the sample to the larger population and save a lot of money through mathematics instead of doing so many song tests. Is this how you want to do your music research?

"What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander!"
Taking 50,000 foot elevations views of varying markets and making them apply to street level where your station is living or dying. What works in New York should be just fine for Battle Creek. Is this a science or just the good-ole seat of the pants routine?

"Who's on First?"
Music testing is a funny industry. Even the noted authorities are confused and bouncing from one concept to another, everybody wants to survive and giving up on the legacy systems is not easy. So why is ComQuest unique, could it be because it is in the 21st century and throwing the legacy solutions out the window?

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