NetQuest Test Drive

NetQuest is the gold-standard for Internet music and perceptual testing. There are three primary components in the NetQuest system: Registration, Music Testing and Data Analysis.


You place a clickable link on your radio station’s website inviting listeners to participate in your music test and give their opinions on the music you play. We design the registration page to closely match the look and feel of your station’s website, and collect some very basic demo, gender and radio listening information from each respondent.


Once registered, listeners get to score their first set of songs and answer any perceptual questions you’re asking. Respondents that are not qualified (due to age, gender, radio station listening, etc.) are still given a virtual test. They get to listen to and score songs, but we don’t collect or save their data. This prevents alienating respondents that listen to your station, but might not qualify for your NetQuest music test.

After registering and confirming the validity of their email address, respondents are invited again at periodic intervals (defined by you), to come back and score another set of songs. This limits the frequency that respondents can participate in your music testing.


Many radio stations and web hobbyists have already figured out how to play song clips on a website and collect some rudimentary scoring information from listeners… perhaps your Chief Engineer has cobbled together some sort of “music testing” contraption for your own website.

Where NetQuest shines is in the back-end data analysis tools that you can access. Remember, NetQuest is Internet-based music and perceptual testing software built on the highly successful ComQuest music testing software platform. Over 14 years of development and enhancement has been leveraged into NetQuest.

Analyze your song data using more than 27 reports, including the standard song score reports – plus - Z-Score, Compatibility, Potential Positive, P1/Cume breakouts, Mean, Ethnicity, etc. Or, you can design and create your own custom reports using NetQuest’s Report Builder.

Pie charts, bar graphs, Zip Code analysis and full data exporting are all easily available via your encrypted, secure connection to our Webservers. With NetQuest, you aren’t relegated to viewing your results in a web browser. Using our thin-client NetQuest Connect desktop program, you can access your data in real-time utilizing a dashboard that is quite similar in look and feel to all our other ComQuest music testing products.

Click here to take a tour of NetQuest Connect.

The entire NetQuest User's Guide is now available on-line, 24/7.

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