Thin Client is Here!

ComQuest has unveiled it's all-new Thin Client NetQuest Connect program.

What is Thin Client?

Essentially, it's an all-new way to access your station's NetQuest data. We've done away with the browser... no more Internet Explorer or NetScape! With NetQuest Connect, there is a small one-time download of about 500k.

Once you've downloaded the client software once, look what you can do:

NetQuest Connect is a true 32-bit Windows program. The thin client connects to our NetQuest Servers, which are on-line 24/7, and utilizes 56 bit Blowfish data encryption.

Once connected to your station's database, view or print instant, up-to-the-minute Incidence statistics.

View or print results from the current test cycle... or any test cycle stored in your system... or create an all new dataset with the date, age, gender and ethnic parameters you desire, on the fly!

Change any song hooks... or preview the current test... anytime you want.

Adjust your Quota settings... start a new test cycle, all from the comfort of your Barcolounger...

You have instant access to all NetQuest settings and defaults from any internet-enabled computer in the world!

Reports? You want reports? NetQuest gives you instant access to dozens of reports to analyze your test results backward and forward until you're blue in the face. And, all reports are true Windows-style reports, with cool fonts and typestyles you can actually read... not cryptic HTML generated text reports!

Download NetQuest Connect now... Call Garry Mitchell at 619-659-3600, ext. 3

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