Compare NetQuest vs. Rate The Music
Spreadsheet o'
Yes; overwhelming!
No. Each song is presented one at a time; respondents focus on one song at a time.
Order of Songs
Same order for every
Randomized! Each respondent starts with a different song, eliminating order bias.
Clicks to hear/ score each song
Four! (If you're testing 30
songs, that's 120 clicks!!!)
One click!
External plug-in to
hear song clip? 
Yes, either RealAudio or MP3.
No! Clips delivered in .WAV format (supported by all browsers)
Access to raw data?
? Who knows ?
Yes. You have direct access to all settings, messages, banners, song titles and of course raw respondent data.
Dynamic score
No. Respondent must score all songs (correctly) before
submitting CGI page.
Yes. Each score is saved in real-time. You decide later whether to compile reports using Completes-Only or all scores.
Banner message for
Yes. Cross-promote station features/benefits, or sell to client to generate Non-traditional Revenue.
No. RTM will solicit your
listeners to join their national panel.
Yes. NetQuest will never send any e-mail or otherwise contact any of your listeners, except on your behalf.
Toggle Title/Artist?
Yes. You decide whether respondents see the name of the artist and the song title, or score the song strictly based on the clip.
Approximate cost
per month

Compare for yourself - Click here and register as a respondent would, take an actual song test and view the results and settings.

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