SongSorter Unveiled At CRS36!

ComQuest unveiled our new SongSorter music test analysis program at the Country Radio Show in Nashville. SongSorter made its public debut at CRS36, March 2-4, 2005.

ComQuest President Garry Mitchell describes SongSorter as "Kind of like the old Analyzer program, on anabolic steroids!" Mitchell continues, "Not only does SongSorter allow a station to sort, filter, query and cluster their song testing results in an almost unlimited manner, but it is super user-friendly --- all filters, queries and reports are Wizard-based and will help even the most novice of users get the most from their weekly callout or library (AMT or PMT) music tests".

Not only does SongSorter give you the ability to select/display any demo, gender, ethnic or station listening cells you wish, but it introduces several new ways to visualize and sort your test results, including ComQuest's exclusive Song Matrix which shows each song's individual performance in context with all other songs in your test.

SongSorter is a free product, and is currently available to all ComQuest clients in beta development mode.

ComQuest, LLC.