NetQuest - Internet Music Testing

NetQuest delivers powerful, actionable Music and Perceptual Research from your most coveted listeners—your station’s P1s. NetQuest is a fun, interactive way for website visitors to get more involved, while applying strict recruitment and qualification criteria to deliver the insight and information you need to maintain a competitive edge.

The ideal way to augment your station's existing music and perceptual research projects, NetQuest builds upon our 14+ years of software development experience for the broadcast industry to allow Program Directors to obtain valuable data from loyal listeners and evaluate results in a variety of easy-to-use, real-time reports.

How It Works.

To begin, you establish a link from your station’s website to the NetQuest registration page. We customize the registration page with your station’s logo and match your website’s color, layout and fonts so the process is seamless to the end user. Listeners register to join your Advisory Board or Music Panel (you name the survey), and are immediately taken through their first interactive Music Test. Click here to test-drive NetQuest now.

The Answers To Your Musical Questions.

Each music test consists of up to 40 song hooks that you select from our extensive library. The music test is optimized for respondents’ specific web connection speed, so they never get bored waiting for slow web pages to load. No external/third-party plug-ins are required to hear the song hooks, so all participants can enjoy the same high quality experience.

All that is required for stations to retrieve NetQuest results is a thin-client Windows application that runs on your computer’s desktop. Through a standard Internet connection, you access your data in real-time from anywhere in the world. You can view and print song test results, change recruitment quotas and song hooks for each test, and even monitor the progress of a test cycle while it is underway.

Features & Benefits

NetQuest helps Program Directors obtain accurate information about their target market and capitalize on the following benefits:

  • Test as many as 40 different songs each week.
  • Respondents focus on one song at a time (not a spreadsheet of 40 songs).
  • Song hooks are MP3 format; compatible with all standard browsers.
  • E-mail blaster enables you to directly send promotional and recycling messages to selected respondents.
  • Dynamic score collection enables you to collect data as each song is scored.
  • Via our encrypted, secure webserver, you have real-time access to all test results and allows you to:
    • Change Song Hooks
    • Monitor NetQuest traffic
    • Launch new research cycles
    • View and print true Windows-style reports
  • Discrete Burn collection and Optional Artist montage and ethnicity screening is available.
  • Test multiple perceptual questions.
  • Banner messages can be used to cross-promote or sell to sponsors for NTR.

A logical extension to your existing music testing program, NetQuest takes the guesswork out of determining what your P1 listeners want to hear. For more information, contact us.

The entire NetQuest User's Guide is now available on-line, 24/7.


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