Zip Code Analysis

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Printed Zip Code Analysis report


There are two Zip Code reports available in ComQuest.  The first will report the distribution of test takers for a defined date range for each Zip Code that comprises your sample.


HandRespondent records must have a Zip Code, otherwise they will be displayed as 00000. Also, at least one respondent record from each Zip Code must contain a City Name, or that field will be blank.


The City Name is used when compiling this report to link each Zip Code to a city or area of town.  In the example screen shot above, there are 4 respondent records from the test period requested that have no Zip Code, and are displayed as 00000.  While some of the other Zip Codes displayed have unique suburban names, note many in this example are part of the "Jacksonville" city, and are displayed as such.


The results in the Zip Code report are sorted in ascending order, by Zip Code. The counts for each Zip Code indicate the number of either Take Tests or Completes that came from each Zip Code during the date range requested.  If you have Completes Only turned on, these counts represent only those respondents that completed the test.  If Completes Only is not turned on, then the counts represent all respondents that qualified for and were transferred to the Fileserver, no matter how many songs they scored (Take Tests).


At the end of the Zip Code report, you will also get a total count of all Zip Codes, and a demo and gender breakdown of the sample:



Demo/Gender counts in Zip Code Report


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