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A new cycle is created whenever you change the research Start Date on the Quotas screen.  The previous cycle is closed, with an end date assigned based on the date you last collected test scores.



Browse Research Cycles


In the example screen shot above, we began a new cycle (by changing the Start Date in Quotas and clicking the Save button) on 6/15/03.  That is indicated by the record at the top of the cycles file having that start date, but no end date.  When this record was created, ComQuest went back through the most-recent test scores, and found that the last cycle actually ended on 6/11/03.  It then assigned this end date to the previous cycle (cycle 17), and closed out that cycle at the same time it created (opened) the new cycle, number 18.




Editing A Cycle Record


If necessary, you can edit the cycle numbers, as well as the start and end date for each cycle by selecting it and clicking the Change button.