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While in the Song Test List or Song Library procedures, you can fix any typos for a specific song's title and/or artist, add or modify the Optional ID field, and preview the hook for that song by selecting and double-clicking that song in the lookup browse window.



View/Change Song form


HandYou should only change a song's title/artist information to fix a typo or misspelling.


Certainly never make a wholesale change of a song's title/artist information, unless the hook associated with that song ID is wrong or different!


For example, if 2975.WAV (the song pictured above) is Hoobastank/Remember Me, you would not want to edit this record and change it to some other title/artist!  If you did, the new title/artist information would begin to show up in all reports that include results for song 2975, but of course, the respondents would be hearing and voting on Hoobastank/Remember Me.


Keep in mind, the song number displayed (2975 in the example above), is merely a sequential ID serial number that is incremented and assigned to each new song as you add it to the Song Library.  It has absolutely no relationship to a particular position number in your actual test list.


View Scores


When you have a selected a specific song in the library, you can click on the Scores tab at the top of the screen, and see all the raw scores that have ever been collected for this song (assuming it has been tested, and there are scores that exist).


While you can't change or delete any scores from this screen, it does allow to determine if scores are being collected for a specific song, for a particular date you're interested in.  The scores for each song are sorted by date, in ascending order.



View Scores Tab in Change Song


Preview Song Hook


By clicking the Preview button on the View/Change Songs screen, you will hear the audio clip that is linked to this song.  Obviously, you must be on a computer with a sound card and working speakers (generally the Fileserver).


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