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Generally, you will not want or need to change any test scores.  But, if you have made a change in your scoring choices, or you want to physically move a couple respondents' scores from one date to another, (to place them in a different test week, for example), Change Scores gives you that option.


All scores in the Change Scores screen are sorted by respondent, however you can change this sort order by either clicking on the Song or Date column headers (to toggle between ascending and descending sort orders, click the same column twice).  This makes it easy to find specific scores, or even duplicates, from the same respondent.


To change a particular score, double-click the desired score.  (Scores can also be manually purged from the system by right-clicking on the desired score record and selecting Delete from the pop up menu.)



Change Score screen


HandYou are accessing the actual raw score data in this procedure. If you change or delete any data, your song reports and other results will change accordingly.


All values on each score record may be changed, except the respondent ID number to which this score belongs.  In other words, you can't reassign a score that has already been collected on behalf of one respondent, to another respondent.