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Verbatim responses are the answers to perceptual questions asked by interviewers, prior to the respondent being transferred to the Fileserver to take your song test.  Verbatim perceptual questions should only be used when you want to get free-flowing, top-of-mind responses from respondents, that you will not want to quantify.  If you were asking a question about Favorite Morning Shows, or Favorite Artists, etc., these would better be handled by using a Pick List type question.  Because the variety of responses you could expect from either question would be a finite list, there would be no advantage to asking either of these questions as a Verbatim question.


However, when it's important to you to know exactly what people are thinking, and you can't possibly predict the range of answers they might give (which would prevent you from pre-loading those possible answers into a Pick List question), then Verbatim is probably your best choice.  The problem with Verbatim responses however, (aside from the fact that they create additional typing for the interviewers and slow your completion rate), is getting the results out of the system in a coherent, usable manner.


There are two types of Verbatim reports in ComQuest; Sorted By Station/Demo and Sorted By Pick List.  They each have their own unique properties. Sorted By Station/Demo, merely lists the verbatim responses for all respondents to all of your verbatim questions, from the survey and date range you specify.



Perceptual Verbatim Sorted By Station/Demo report


First, responses are sorted according to the radio station the respondent mentioned in the second listening box on the screener (this is generally the preference/favorite box). Then, within each group of responses for each station, the results are sorted according to the demo/gender cell for each respondent.  If there are stations that had no partisan listening during the date range you're running this report, and/or demo/gender groups within each station subset that had no verbatim responses for a question, you will not see any header information for those stations and/or demo/gender groups.  Only demo/gender and station groups that have verbatim responses are included and displayed in this report.


HandWhen you run the verbatim reports, you may optionally specify to include the interviewer's name after each verbatim response.



Selection box for printing interviewer name


This is a utility feature that will enable you to track down an interviewer that may not be entering the responses in the manner you wish.  You can choose to print or suppress the interviewer's name when you run the verbatim report.


Additionally, you may choose to run Spell Checking against all of your Verbatim responses before those results.


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