Verbatim Sorted By Pick List

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The second type of Verbatim report is Verbatim Sorted By Pick List.  Sometimes you might ask a verbatim question that is directly linked to a Pick List question in your survey.  A classic example of this is a Pick List question such as, "What radio station has gotten better recently?".  The very next question would be a Verbatim question such as "Why has that station gotten better?".


Now, if you just print out the results of the Verbatim question by themselves, they won't be very meaningful.  You will see a variety of responses as to why all different radio stations have gotten better.  In order to make sense of these Verbatim responses, you must see which of the Pick List radio stations each of them are linked to.  This is the purpose of the Verbatim Sorted By Pick List report.



Perceptual Verbatim Sorted By Pick List report


When you run this report, you first must select which perceptual survey you wish to work from.  After selecting the survey, the filter screen will allow you to choose your date range as well as the specific Verbatim and Pick List questions you wish to use (this report does not have a demo/gender filter; all verbatim responses from all age groups are included, although each response is tagged with the demo/gender and favorite station of each respondent).



Perceptual Verbatim report filter


First, select the desired Verbatim question, by clicking on the field to the right of that prompt.  You will be presented with a lookup browse screen of all the verbatim questions in the survey you have selected:



Select Perceptual Verbatim Question screen


You will only be able to select a Verbatim question for this step, as those will be the only questions displayed.  In this example, we are going to select the first question, 55, which asks "Why do you feel that station has gotten better?".  (This step is important, as you'll see in the next step.)


After selecting the desired Verbatim question, you should then click on the white field to the right of Pick List question, and you will see a lookup browse screen of all the Pick List questions in your selected survey:



Select Perceptual Pick List Question screen


Notice that all the pick list questions in our selected survey are displayed.  However, if were to choose any question other than 50, the results might not be that meaningful to us.  What we are doing in this process is essentially cross-tabulating the results of one question (a verbatim), against the results of another question (a pick list question).  If we cross-tabbed the results of "Why do you feel that station has gotten better?" against the results of 110, for example "Which station do you tune to when bad weather strikes?", what is that going to tell us?  Not much that we can use.  For this reason, the only logical pick list question that we can select, is 50, the one that sets-up the response to the verbatim question we selected earlier, 55.


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