Verbatim Questions

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This question is best suited for capturing top of mind comments and thoughts from respondents.



Adding a Verbatim Perceptual Question


The answers are not quantifiable, but may be filtered and sorted based on demographics and station preference.  Each answer may be up to 512 characters in length.  You will rarely have a need for a verbatim question.  Generally, if the bulk of your expected responses can be pre-determined, you should use a Pick List type question instead.  Questions such as, What do you like most.., What do you like least…, Which station is getting better/worse…, etc., are all good examples of Pick List rather than Verbatim questions.  Most, if not nearly all, of expected responses can be pre-loaded into a Pick List.  Any that are not already in the list can be easily added to the list by the interviewer themselves.


Remember that Verbatim responses are not quantifiable.  That is to say, you will only see a laundry-list print-out of the actual responses - typos and all – as entered by the interviewer.  Percentage breakdowns and ranking are not possible when using open-ended Verbatim responses, much like it's not possible to quantify the comments respondents make in the back of an Arbitron diary (unless you compile and quantify them yourself, manually).


It is possible to allow interviewers to spell-check their typed verbatim responses, if you have that Override Setting activated.  The research supervisor can also spell-check any verbatim responses from a specified date range from the Browse Perceptual Results screen.


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