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To update Interactive Questions in your ComQuest system, select Update Questions under the Data Management menu. These are the interactive questions that are asked of respondents, once they are transferred to the Fileserver by an interviewer, but before they begin scoring your song clips.  Do not confuse these with the Perceptual Questions, which are asked by the interviewers before respondents are transferred to the interactive test on the Fileserver.


Questions are updated very much the same way as the songs.  All questions are kept in a Library.  This Library includes questions which are presently included in the test, as well as any others from previous weeks.



Question Test List


You may ask up to 8 interactive questions (for each Quota Tier you're testing), as well as one Open Ended Question.  So that you can better understand the sequence of events, here is the overall flow of a typical respondent through the entire ComQuest process.  This example assumes that all features are turned on and active (you may not be using all these elements at any given time).


Screening (Stations, ethnicity, demo, gender)
Perceptual Questions (asked by interviewers)
Transfer to Fileserver occurs
Interactive Questions (up to 8, as detailed in this section)
Song testing (up to 40 song clips)
Schedule question (asks respondent if we can call back in a few weeks)
Open-ended question (respondent replies to question in their voice)
Thank you/hang-up


In order to include a question in a test, it (and the question's appropriate answers) must first be entered in the Library.


If a question is already In the Question Library, or to check to see if it is, follow this procedure:


1. Select the question position by placing the mouse cursor over the desired question and clicking the left mouse button once.


2. Choose the question you wish to place into this position of the test by placing the highlight bar over the question, and clicking on the Place button.


3. If the question you wish to place is not found in the list, click the Add button on the Browse Questions  screen, and add it to the library. After the question is added, execute step 2 above, to place this question on the test list.


After you have placed all the interactive questions you wish to ask, you should print the test list, much like you would with the Song Test List.  From this printed list, you can then determine the questions that do not yet have audio recorded, and the filename (the wave file number), which is displayed to the right of each question.


Just like the song hooks, the audio for questions is always stored in the C:\ComQuest folder on your Fileserver, even if you have multiple database directories on the Fileserver.  Also, all databases will have access to all the questions in your Question Library, so be sure you name each question uniquely, if you have multiple databases.  For example, instead of naming a question "Music Montage", you might name it "CHR Music Montage" or "Rock Music Montage", etc.


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