Starting ComQuest        

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To get started using ComQuest, follow these steps:


1.Turn on the Fileserver. You turn each computer on and off using the black power switch on the front of the computer box itself (turning the monitor on and off does not effect whether the computer itself has been turned on or off). (Each time you turn on or reset any of the computers, a utility program called AutoBack will run. AutoBack automatically creates a backup of your ComQuest data each day.  These daily backups are stored for approximately a month, before they're overwritten by the next month's backup for that day.)


2. When the Windows log on screen appears, log on using the name: ComQuest and password: ComQuest


HandNeither the name nor the password in Windows or in ComQuest are case sensitive.


3. Turn on each of the Workstations. When the Windows log on screen appears, log on using the name: ComQuest and password: ComQuest


4. To get into the ComQuest program on the Workstation, double click the ComQuest Callout icon on the Workstation desktop. icon2  Log in using the name and password you were assigned.


HandIf ComQuest is already running on this computer, you will not be able to launch a second copy of the program.  If you attempt to, you will see this message:



ComQuest Already Running screen


Click OK to close this window, then move your mouse to the bottom of the screen, and maximize the already-running copy of ComQuest.


5. When you're ready to actually begin making calls, prepare the Fileserver by double-clicking on the Song Survey icon on the Fileserver's desktop.



SongSurvey program icon


This will launch the interactive program on the Fileserver which handles the respondents you transfer to take the test.


HandThe Song Survey interactive program must always be running on the Fileserver when you're recruiting respondents to take the music test.


Much like your answering machine at home can not record messages if it's not turned on, the Song Survey program must be running on the Fileserver in order for you to properly transfer qualified respondents to take the music test.


If the Song Survey was previously launched, and is still running, you will see this window displayed:



Song Survey program Already Running screen


Simply click OK and then maximize the already running version of the Song Survey program, by moving your mouse to the task bar at the bottom of your Windows desktop, and clicking the program.


6. When you're done testing songs, close the Song Survey program on the Fileserver, by clicking the small "X" in the upper right corner of the screen.




This will prevent anybody from gaining access to your music test when you're not using the ComQuest system.


HandYou must close the Song Survey program whenever shutting down or logging off the Fileserver.


Failing to do so will prevent the Song Survey program from running properly when it is next launched. You will then be required to re-boot the Fileserver in order to re-load the drivers for the Song Survey program, prior to launching the program itself.