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When trying to troubleshoot any problems with the ComQuest system, here are some of the questions we will be asking you.  This checklist can also be helpful in resolving some of these problems yourself:


What is the exact nature of the problem?  If it's an error message, what is the exact text of the error message (just telling us you're getting an error message is not helpful; there are more than 400 places throughout the program where error messages could be displayed; we need to know the exact text of the error message.)


Is it happening on all computers (Fileserver and all Workstations), or just on one, or some, of the computers?


When did it start happening?  When was the last time everything was working fine?


Have there been any changes since it was last working properly?  Equipment moved or replaced, new personnel, new data added to system, etc.?


If it's a hardware/equipment problem, have you tried swapping the offending component with one of known quality?  Does the problem move (to another computer), or stay with the same computer?


Networking Problems


If you see this message:


Networking: The following error occurred while reconnecting M: to \\FILESERVER\COMQUEST. The share name was not found. Be sure you typed it correctly. Do you want to restore this connection the next time you log on?


click the Yes button, then double-click on the ComQuest program icon on the desktop.  This will restore the pathing information for this Workstation.  Make sure the Fileserver (main computer) is running, and that you have logged into Windows. Finally, click the Start button in the lower left corner of the Windows desktop, click Shutdown then Restart. Log-on to Windows using user: ComQuest and password: ComQuest.  You should now be able to double-click on the ComQuest program icon on the desktop, and log-in to the ComQuest program, using your own name and password.


If you get thrown out of the program (error connecting to M:\ Drive), try shutting down the computer (or restarting it) and then logging back into Windows with user: ComQuest and password: ComQuest


Double-click on the ComQuest program icon.  This should take you to the ComQuest logon screen.  You'll need to enter your user name and password that was previously added to the ComQuest password file.


If the system should freeze or lock-up, pressing the Reset key on the front of the Workstation will re-boot that computer, put you back on the network and take you to the Windows desktop. If this problem persists, you most likely have a file/data corruption issue.  We can usually re-build your data files and keys and resolve these problems.  Sometimes the corruption is the result of another problem, like networking errors.  Other times it may be the result of rebooting a computer with a hardware (motherboard, IRQ, memory) problem.  The act of rebooting the frozen computer then corrupts the files and keys.


Any problems, questions, etc., feel free to first call 619-659-3600, and/or page Technical Support at 1-800-237-0633 (you can also page automatically from either Workstation by selecting Utilities / Page Technical Support).


Also, please write down any problems, quirks, comments or suggestions you might have on the program.  This will help to track down anything that needs to be looked into.  If you are getting an Error box on your monitor screen , make sure your printer is turned on, and press the Print Screen key on that computer's keyboard.  It will print the screen contents to paper, which will help us in diagnosing the problem you're having.


There's a set of troubleshooting problems/solutions in the Appendix of this User's Guide.  It covers many of the most common problems you might encounter with a multi-tasking networked system like ComQuest.  If your problem or question is not answered after reviewing that section, please feel free to contact Technical Support.


Sometimes things don't always occur like they're supposed to.  When this happens, you want answers and solutions to your troubles.  In our commitment to helping you achieve maximum efficiency with minimum hassles, we've assembled a list of many things that might go wrong at some point in the future.  Don't panic, almost everything can be fixed quite simply.


If you're having problems, this is the first place to look.  If this doesn't entirely solve your problem, please contact ComQuest Technical Support at 619-659-3600.