Transfer Process

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Once the respondent has jotted down the scoring choices, you are ready to Call Transfer them to the Fileserver to take the actual music survey.


BEFORE SELECTING THE TRANSFER BUTTON, you must complete any necessary transfer operations.  Generally this means you will:


Flash the phone to get a secondary dial tone


Click the Transfer button on screen


Hang up your phone (or turn off headset) after you hear your Workstation dialing the Fileserver.


When you click on the Transfer button, the computer will dial the Fileserver, and after it answers, deliver the respondent's exclusive ID number (these are the tones you'll hear sent down the phone line after the Fileserver answers).  This ID number is used to link the respondent's information (age, gender, stations cumed, etc.) with the actual scores they give for the songs they hear on the Fileserver.


Troubleshooting Transfer Process


There are several important steps that must occur in order for a qualified respondent to be successfully transferred to the Fileserver. If even one of these steps is not completed correctly, that particular respondent will not get into the system to take the test.


Once interviewers have this sequence down pat, and it occurs without any errors each time, the transfers will work 100% of the time.


Here are the steps the interviewers can monitor throughout the progress of the transfer. It will help to troubleshoot problems if you know at which step the process is failing.


1) When they Flash their headset, they should hear a stutter-tone followed by a steady dial-tone. (The respondent is now "on hold", and the interviewer is hearing what is known as a secondary dial tone.)


2) When they hear that steady dial-tone and click the Transfer button on their computer, they should hear their Workstation dial the phone number to reach the Fileserver.


3) After dialing over to the Fileserver, they should hear the line ring once (and no more than once). At this point, the Fileserver should answer the call.


4) After a second or two, their Workstation will then send the respondent's ID number in touch tone form. For example, if it's respondent number 1234, they would hear the touch tones 1-2-3-4 sent.


5) While the above step (#4) is occurring, the interviewer can turn their headset OFF.


6) They should now see the respondent's information they just transferred on the Fileserver screen.


If any one of these steps fail, the transfer will not be successful.


HandBe sure Step #4 does NOT occur before Step #3 has finished!


In other words, the Workstation should not begin sending the respondent's ID Number until AFTER the Fileserver rings once and answers!


Make sure step #4 completes (the full 3 or 4-digit respondent number is sent), BEFORE the Transferring... box goes away on the Workstation. If only 2 or 3 of the digits get sent, and the box then disappears, we need to know this.


In case the transfer is not successful, please note which of the above steps was the first to not complete correctly. Go back and ask if each of these, in this order, completed correctly. Also, if you know the transfer did not complete properly, you can Flash your phone again to bring the respondent back from hold (if you have not already turned off your headset).


If you have already hung up, then exit out of Make Calls and go to Callout / Review Most Recent Calls on the menu; double-click this person (they should be near the top of the list with your interviewer name and a Take Test status). When their respondent record is up on the screen, you can Flash your phone again and click Transfer to transfer them again (Using the same procedure you used in Make Calls).


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