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On many of the browse screens throughout ComQuest, you will see a Toolbar on the main ComQuest screen that is active:



ComQuest Main Window toolbar


This toolbar allows you to scroll through a file in a number of ways.


Clicking the first arrow (pointing to the left) takes you to the first record in the file.  The last arrow (pointing to the right) takes you to the last record in the file.


The second button, the double-arrow facing left moves up one full screen of records at a time.  The double-arrow facing right moves down one full screen of records at a time.


The single arrows allow you to navigate through the file, one record at time.  The single left pointing arrow moves up, and single right-pointing arrow moves down one record a time.


The curved arrow (fourth button from the left) enables the lookup for this table.


The plus sign lets you add a record; the triangle lets you edit/view a record and the minus sign lets you delete a record.


HandYou will not be able to add and/or delete records from all screens, however you should be able to edit/view most records throughout the program.


Some smaller browse screens will not use the main screen's toolbar, but instead will have their own set of VCR controls available, in the lower left corner of the actual browse:



VCR controls


These VCR buttons work in very much the same way as the main screen's toolbar, with the exception of the Add-Change-Delete options.