Terminate Button

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Terminate is an available option during all phases of the screening process.  At any time, the respondent may hang-up, decide not to continue, or simply become disconnected.  If you wish to recall this person in the future for any reason, you must select Call Back to set a recall timer.


However, if it's apparent that the person will not be participating in the future, or if the number you've reached is out of order, a FAX machine or business number, etc. you can Terminate the call at that point.


The record will be marked as a Terminate, and the system will select the next number for you to call, display the phone number and name, and highlight the Dial button.


HandTerminated records are not purged from the system, but are dormant and have no Scheduled Callback record attached to them.


The reason for this is simple; if we actually removed the person from the database, when we generate a list of existing telephone numbers in your database for your next order of phone number sample from SSI or InfoBase, there is a pretty good likelihood that the list vendor will sell us this person's phone number again (after all, they sold us the name the first time...)  In that case, the person would then get re-imported into ComQuest, and you would then be calling them again in the future, defeating the point of the Termination.  It's better to just mark them as a Terminate, remove any related Schedule record for this person (so they are never called back again in the future), and let their name/number remain dormant in your database.


Termination Reasons


If you are using this override setting, immediately after clicking the Terminate button, interviewers will have to select the reason for this termination.



Termination reasons screen


Selecting a reason for Termination then appends a numeric reason (such as "/1" or "/2") to each terminated respondent's status.  When this override is activated ("Collect Termination Reasons"), you will also see a report displayed in the reports menu, called Terminate Report.  This report will detail (in raw numbers and percents), the reasons for terminated respondent records in your database for any date range you specify.


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