Technical Support/Paging

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Paging Technical Support screen


Based on the parameters that were set up in the Modem Settings screen, the system is programmed to automatically dial our 800-SKY-PAGER number (800-237-0633) and deliver a coded message telling us that your station has just paged us.


We will call your station at the phone numbers we have available.  If it is a regular office number, please let the front desk know you just paged us, so when the call comes in, they know who to send it to.  If it's after hours, and there's a special hot line or other unpublished number we must call in on, please leave a message on our voice mail (619-659-3600) with instructions on what that number is.  This will enable us to contact you.


After you select Send Page from the Page Technical Support screen, the system will automatically dial and send the appropriate tone codes to the pager.  That's all that's required to page us!  This process will take about 30 seconds, and you'll be able to see it on screen, in the form of the blue countdown timer box.  After paging Technical Support, please watch the phone lines for a return call from Technical Support. If we will be calling you on a Workstation phone, please make sure the ringers for your Workstation headsets are turned on!


Page PD


If your Research Director or Program Director has entered their pager number on the Pager Configuration screen, you will see this button enabled. If you click this button, only that person will be paged (ComQuest Tech Support will not be paged, unless you click the Page ComQuest button).


You can exit out of the Page Technical Support screen, without paging either ComQuest or your PD, by simply clicking on the Cancel button.


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