Summary Reports

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You can view or print any perceptual results from any current or past perceptual study. When you click on Summary Reports, a filter screen is displayed.



Perceptual Summary report filter


Indicate the start and end date range you desire, any demo and gender range, and if you wish to apply a Report Profile (such as just your P1's, all cumers, your competition's P1's, etc.) against the results.  When you click OK on the filter screen, you will then be asked to select the perceptual study you desire.  As you may have an unlimited number of perceptual studies in ComQuest, you need to select which of the existing studies you wish to run results for.



Select Perceptual Survey screen


HandIf you delete a Perceptual Study from ComQuest, you will no longer be able to access the results for that study.


The current perceptual study is actually selected in Quotas for each tier.  If you have tagged a survey on the browse screen (so that it will be used automatically when running batch reports) it will have a small "x" displayed to the far right.  You can run a Summary Report of any perceptual study that is displayed, simply by double-clicking on the study you desire (or if the survey is highlighted, click the Select button at the bottom of the screen).


Be sure the date ranges you selected earlier on the filter screen include date(s) when the perceptual study you are about to select was active.  If you choose dates that do not include any days in which the perceptual study you select was active, you will see only the perceptual study's questions listed in the summary, but no results.



Printed Perceptual Summary report


Each question in the survey you selected will be compiled in sequential order (just as it appears in the survey), and a summary of results will be displayed.


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