Street Wizard Mapping

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ComQuest provides the ability to map respondent records in your primary market, using the Street Wizard program.  Click on this icon from the main ComQuest window to launch the Street Wizard module on your Fileserver:



HandStreet Wizard can only be run on your ComQuest Fileserver, and only if the appropriate Maps and Points for your market have already been installed.


If you have already created a map, you can click the first option under Map type, Current Map, to view that map again.



Street Wizard filter


If you have not yet created a map, or you wish to create a new map with new specifications, click whether to map Completes Only, all Take Tests (including Completes), or All Calls placed for the desired date range.  Also select Display Information; what you want displayed beside each respondent's flag on the map; Name, Respondent Number, Zip Code, City or Blank (respondents will be flagged, but no data will be displayed beside them).


Click Ok to compile the data. Records from your respondent file for the desired date range are read, and those that qualify based on the parameters you have requested are written to the MapData.MDB file (Access table).  You'll see a counter increment as it locates records that meet your criteria.  After that, Street Wizard will be launched.


Here are the steps to finish mapping the data on your system:


1) Select Database / Open from the Street Wizard menu


2) Choose the MapData.MDB database.


3) Select the Respondents table.


Street Wizard will now begin geo-coding the records.  This process involves looking up the street address, city, state and zip code, and determining the exact longitude and latitude for each address.  Once your records have been geo-coded, a map of your market will be displayed with the respondent records plotted.



Sample Street Wizard screen


Once your map has been created and is displayed, you can save it to a graphic file (such as a .GIF or .JPG), copy it to your clipboard, or print it directly to your printer. For complete, detailed instructions on navigating through Street Wizard, changing the default settings, colors and detail, and saving, printing and exporting maps, please click the Help menu in the Street Wizard program, or select an item in the program, and press the F1 key for context-sensitive help.