Specific Zip Code(s)

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Printed Specific Zip Code report


From time to time you may need to pull a list of respondents from a specific Zip Code or portion of your market.  This could be for a telemarketing or focus group project, or for some other promotional or marketing need.


The Specific Zip Code Report makes this easy.  When you run a Specific Zip Report, you will be asked to specify the Zip Code(s) from which you wish to pull:



Specific Zip Code report filter


You can also specify a date range of activity, whether to include only those respondents that completed the test, and whether you want to apply a Report Profile against the results.


Note the Zip Code range is set by specifying a low and high range of Zip Codes (inclusive of each).  If you want to pull respondents from non-contiguous Zip Codes throughout your market, you will have to run this report more than once, including either each individual Zip Code, or a range of contiguous Zip Codes each time you run the report (there is no facility to load a list of non-sequential Zip Codes before running this report).