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If you are testing currents, you will most likely only change a few of the songs each week.  If you're testing Oldies or Recurrents, all the songs might change every week.  This is the screen where those song changes are made.



Song Test List


Click the left mouse button over any of the 40 songs listed that you wish to change.  In order to Place a new song in a particular position in the test, it must first be in the Song Library.  The Song Library is the repository which contains all available song titles/artists that you can schedule in your music test.  This is similar to Music Scheduling Computers; before you can schedule a song, it must first be in the computer!


If a song is already in the Song Library, or to check to see if it is, follow this procedure:


Select the song by placing the mouse cursor over the song position you wish to change, and click the left mouse button once.


Find the song you wish to place in this position in the Song Library.  You may sort the library by Title, Artist or Song Number by clicking on the desired column header. If the song you wish to place is not already in the Song Library, you must add it by clicking the Add button.


If the song is listed in the Song Library (you already entered it or it was tested in a previous week), simply click the left mouse button once on the Place button (while the desired song is highlighted), and it will be placed into that position.


The screen will display the song on the list with a yellow background if the song hook (the actual .WAV audio file) for the title you have placed on the list does not reside on the Fileserver.  This is simply to remind you that you must record the hook. The actual filename of the .WAV is displayed to the right of each song title.  This makes it easy to determine the filename you should use when producing a song hook, to be sure you have saved it with the correct filename.  For example, in the screenshot above, song number 6, "Rumors" is missing.  When you record the audio for that song hook, it should be saved as 2936.wav, based on the Song ID number that is displayed to the immediate right of the song title.


You may test up to 40 song hooks at one time, however you certainly don't have to test that many.  Most stations test 25-30 song hooks in a given test cycle.  Keep in mind, the more songs you test, the longer your test will be, and the higher the likelihood that some respondents will not make it all the way through the song survey.


You can replace any positions that currently contain a song hook with the first default song (***BLANK POSITION NO SONG IN THIS SLOT***).  Any blank positions are merely skipped by the IVR system when respondents are taking the test.  The blank positions can be in any position you desire (they don't have to all be at the end of the test list).  In other words, you don't have to schedule a continuous list of songs, such as the screen shot above displays. If you wanted to remove song 10, for example, just click on it and replace it with the BLANK POSITION prompt.


HandIf the SongTesting (IVR) program is running on the Fileserver when you make any changes to the Song Test List, you must then close SongTesting and re-launch it.


This is because the songs (and questions) you're currently testing, are only loaded once, when the Song Survey IVR program is first launched.  If you have made any changes to either the songs or interactive questions scheduled in ComQuest, you must then close Song Survey (if it's already running), and then re-launch it to load the new/changed songs and questions.


Print Test List


After adding and placing new song hooks, print a copy of the Song Test List, so you can work from it when you record the actual song hook on the Fileserver. (Click Print Test List button at bottom of screen.) This printed list will also clearly indicate which songs have not yet been recorded, as well as verify the correct song hook is loaded in the correct test slot.



Printed Song Test List


Songs that are new are indicated by a -New- entry under the Start column.  If the song hook has not yet been recorded on the system, there are also three asterisks (***) displayed to the left of the song title.  In the screen shot above, note the two songs that are indicated with the circles.  To record each of these songs, you would produce the hook and save the .WAV files as 408.WAV and 409.WAV respectively (the ID # to the right of each song).


Previewing Songs


The Preview Test List procedure will play each of the songs scheduled on your current test list.  Each song will be slated with the numeric position it occupies.  Keep in mind, when you preview songs through the computer, you're using the Microsoft Windows soundcard on your Fileserver (you can only preview songs on the Fileserver; not on the Workstations).  As such, Windows will play all audio, even if it wasn't recorded in the correct format!


HandThe ComQuest IVR system requires all audio be recorded as 8-bit or 16-bit, 8,000 cycle mono A/mu-Law format .WAV files.


If you have recorded any songs in a format other than this, they will most likely play fine through the Preview Test List function in the Song Test List, but they will not work during your actual testing, when respondents are transferred to the Fileserver.  For this reason, we highly recommend previewing your active test list, whenever you have made any changes to it, by dialing into the song testing IVR program on the Fileserver, and verifying the song clips over the phone.


While previewing the song clips, the title and artist of the clip currently playing will be displayed at the top of the Song Test List:



Song Playing Message


This will help you verify that the correct song clip has been recorded and saved with the proper file name.  One situation you absolutely want to avoid is saving a song clip with the wrong WAV filename.  This would mean the respondents would be hearing one clip and voting on it, but the title and artist information it's linked to in the Song Library would be something else!  You would be reviewing results for a song that the respondents had not even heard!  Always preview your test list, after making any changes.


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