Song Survey Program

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The Song Survey program, run on the Fileserver, is what processes all the interactive song score data collection in ComQuest.  Once the interviewers have successfully qualified a respondent, they will Call Transfer the person to one of the four (or more) phone lines on your Fileserver.  The respondent will then hear the introductory voice prompt, and begin to score any interactive questions you may be asking, followed by scoring the songs you're testing.


Whenever respondents are calling respondents, and preparing them to take the music test, the Song Survey program must be running.  If it is not running, the Call Transfer will not be completed, and the respondent will either be hung up on, or will bounce back to the interviewer's Workstation headset.  You launch the Song Survey program by double-clicking on its icon on the main Fileserver's desktop.


When you launch Song Survey, it will check to make sure that all necessary song hooks and voice prompts are available, and recorded in the correct format.  If they are not, you will see a warning screen such as this, alerting you to this fact:



Song hook in wrong format


After this error message is displayed, you must resolve this problem before you will be able to successfully launch Song Survey.  Opening the offending song hook(s) or voice prompt(s) in Cool Edit, and then either converting the audio file and/or saving it in the proper format (8-Bit or 16-bit 8,000 cycle Mono A/m-uLaw format) should resolve the issue.  If not, you should consider removing the song from your test list in ComQuest, and then re-launching Song Survey (without this song hook scheduled), until which time you can resolve the problem.


If we have set up your system to skip songs that are missing from your list, you might see an informational message alerting you that one or more song hooks are missing and will be skipped:



Song hooks missing screen


While you'll still be able to conduct callout research without these song hooks (they are merely skipped during the testing process), you of course will not see any results for these songs until which time the hooks are recorded and saved in the C:\ComQuest folder on your Fileserver.  (After you record and save them on the Fileserver, be sure to close and then re-launch Song Survey so that they will now be added to your song test.)


While Song Survey is running, you can see how many respondents (and which ones) are currently on the Fileserver taking the test, as well as completion counts for the various demo cells you're testing, and  an overall count of Completes at the top of the screen.



Song Survey program running on the Fileserver


If you are testing music for more than one radio station, in the same directory, you can change the Incidence Counts displayed on the screen to the other tier(s), by clicking the Quota Tier drop box in the upper left corner, and selecting the desired station.


HandThis does not in any way affect the song test administration for any of the tiers.


The drop box merely changes the Incidence Counts that are displayed, refreshing the screen for the particular station you wish to view.  When respondents are transferred to the Fileserver to take a test, Song Survey will automatically make sure they listen to the proper song hooks, based on the station/tier they qualified for, no matter which station is currently displayed/selected in the Quota Tier drop box.


In addition to the real-time Incidence Counts displayed in the top half of the Song Survey screen, the bottom half (white portion), will display each respondent that is currently connected to the Fileserver, and document their progress through the music test.


The very first number displayed on each respondent line is the actual phone port (line) that respondent is on.  Generally, you will not need to know this, but in troubleshooting Fileserver phone lines that may not be working properly, this is information ComQuest Technical Support may ask you.  In the screen shot displayed above, there are two respondents currently taking the interactive music test on the Fileserver; the first is on Line 3, and the second is on Line 4.


You will also see the respondent's name (as stored in their respondent record when the interviewer collected it during screening), as well for which tier this person is taking the test (only important if you are testing music for more than one radio station).  After that, you will see a current status for this person.  Generally, it will indicate which song they are on, and how many total songs they have to score.  In the screen shot above, Latisha is on song 6, out of 36 total songs to score.  After a respondent has completed scoring the songs, you will probably see the status updated to display Schedule, which indicates they are being asked if we can call them back in a few weeks (or automatically being scheduled, if you're using this override).  Finally, the call will drop; that respondent's record will disappear from the screen.  Then, Song Survey will instantly compile their song score data, and the relevant Incidence Counters in the top half of the screen will be updated appropriately (their demo cell and the Total Target progress bar will increment by one).


The Need: 50 field, as shown in the screen shot above, is merely subtracting how many completed respondents you currently have, from how many you have set as a target in Set Recruitment Quotas.  If both of the respondents that are on the Fileserver taking the test in the screen shot above finish, this counter will continue to decrement, and will then display Need: 48.


HandThe Song Hooks and Interactive Questions you're testing, and your Recruitment Quotas, are only loaded once, when Song Survey is launched!


This means, that if you change any songs in your Song Test List in ComQuest (even if you just change the position of a song), or you increase or decrease any quota settings, you will need to re-launch Song Survey in order for these changes to take effect!  Otherwise, Song Survey will continue testing the songs as they were in your test list when it was last loaded.  For this reason (and others), we highly recommend closing Song Survey when you have completed a session of callout research, and re-launching it each time (or at least once each day), when you are about to begin a new session of callout.


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