Song Library

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There are three ways to view and print the contents of the Song Library.



Song Library browse screen


The first is by Title, in which all songs in the library are displayed alphabetically by title.


Sorting by Song Number places all the songs in your library in numerical order, based on the song's ID Number.  The ID number is simply a number used to reference each title/artist in your library.  Basically, it's the sequence number that relates to the order each song was entered in to your system.  It does NOT relate to the song's position on the test list.  For example, Song ID number 28 could very well be the 7th song on your list, etc.  This Song ID is merely used to link scores with a specific title/artist for reporting purposes.


Sorting by Artist will list all songs in your library alphabetically, sorted by the first few letters of each artist name.


Any of these sort orders may be used for viewing, or may be printed.  To print the Song Library, first select the tab corresponding to the order in which you want the list printed (by Title, numeric Song Number or Artist), then click the Print Library button.  Also, you may Select any specific song to view or change title, artist, or optional locator information about the song or to Preview audio for a specific hook.


The Start and End Dates displayed show the first and last dates, respectively, from which song scores were collected for each song.  When you add a new song to the library, these date fields will remain blank, until the first time you actually schedule the song hook in a music test, and collect at least one set of scores on it.  At that point, both the Start and End Date will be initialized to the date you first collect scores.  After that point, the Start Date will never change (it will always reflect the first date from which scores for that song were collected), but the End Date will continue to be refreshed (updated), each time any additional scores are collected for that song.


Keep in mind, if you take a song out of the test list for awhile, and then put it back in, the End Date will continue to be updated, but the Start Date never changes. For example, in the screen shot above, the first song has a Start Date of 6/15/98 and an End Date of 1/7/99.  There are scores in the system for this song from both of those dates, and presumably from some dates in between those two dates.  However, that does not mean this song was tested continuously during this 6-1/2 period; and in fact it probably wasn't!  The Start and End Dates are merely a guide to assist you when running reports on specific songs as to the broad date range of when particular songs were tested.