Song By Song Report

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Printed Song By Song report


The Song By Song report creates a separate page for each song tested during the date range you specify when running the report.  This is the report to run if you want the most specific detailed information available for each title tested.


The report displays four-week trend information for four variables (Familiarity, Positive Acceptance, Dislike and Burn Factor), Demo Breaks and Gender Breaks (in the form of bar graphs) and Ethnic Breaks.


You have the choice of running this report for all songs tested during the date range you specify, or only for specific songs.  This report prints one song per page, so if you run it for all songs, and you're testing 30 songs, you will get a 30 page report!


If you run the Song By Song report for a specific song, you then choose from a list of titles in your song library, which song you wish to analyze.  After selecting a specific title, you'll see when the song was first tested and most-recently tested.  Be sure you select a date range within the period the song was actually tested.  If you don't, a reminder screen will be displayed to tell you the date range you have selected does not coincide with the date range of scores you have for this song.


HandEven if you select a date range within the range indicated for the song, you must of course have scores for the specific date range you've requested, in order to see results.