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Changing the Date/Time


All users can access the Date/Time procedure by selecting it from under the Utilities menu.


One certainty when dealing with computers is they are notorious for not keeping time very well. Generally, this is not a major problem.  However, as ComQuest is a date and time-based program, it's imperative that your Fileserver and all Workstations be within at least a couple minutes of each other.


If the time on one Workstation, for example, is 15 minutes behind another Workstation, the first Workstation could set someone as a Busy (12 minute callback), and instead of coming up again in 12 minutes, it would come up immediately on the other Workstation that was running 15 minutes fast (as far as that Workstation was concerned, the 12 minutes had already elapsed, and it's time to call them back!)


This would continue throughout the night and through the week, and will only serve to lower your productivity and anger potential respondents who have kindly asked that you call them back at a specific time, only to be called back quite a bit sooner.


Interviewers should get into the habit of at least checking their own computer at the start of each callout session, to confirm that the date and time are for the most synchronized with the other Workstations, and most importantly with the Fileserver.


HandEach time a Workstation enters the ComQuest program, that computer's date and time are reset to the current date and time on your main ComQuest Fileserver.


Thus, it's imperative that at the very least, you verify the date and time on your main Fileserver, at least once a week.