Set Callback

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At any time during the screening process, you can always set a Callback timer for this respondent.



Set Callback screen


If the person is busy now, but has specified a time (and/or date) which would be more convenient for them, simply click on Callback.


The Callback screen defaults to the current date and time.  Both of these fields can be changed in several different ways.  The easiest method is to simply click on one of the six preset intervals; 30 minutes, One hour, etc.  Once an interval has been selected, you'll see the newly scheduled call back time and date reflected in the time and date fields.  If this is the time/date you desire, then click the OK button, and the respondent will be tagged to be called back at this time.


You can adjust the Callback Date and Time up or down by clicking the arrows to the right of each field.  You can also select an exact date from the ComQuest Calendar, by clicking the button with the three dots (...) to the right of the Date field.calendar


Optionally, you can select either field simply by clicking the left mouse button once while the mouse cursor is over that field and typing in specific times and/or dates with the keyboard.  You can also select a general hour (such as 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, etc.) in which to call a respondent back, by selecting the desired hour from the drop-box just to the right on the time field.


When you select Tomorrow, One Week or One Month, ComQuest automatically sets a time of 3:00pm.  This is an arbitrary time we selected, which will, in effect, put this respondent near the top of the file for Callback on this date.


Standard Scheduled Call backs are sequenced in order, based on the date and time set for their callback.  These Call backs are presented to the interviewer Workstations in that sequential order, except in the case of Fixed Call backs, which supersede their priority. Thus, if you have set a respondent to be called back at 4:00pm tomorrow (but it is not a Fixed Callback), that respondent will indeed come up soon after 4:00pm tomorrow, as long as there are no other pending Scheduled Call backs (either standard or Fixed) with a date/time combination which would place them ahead in the sequence of Scheduled Callback records.


If there are other Scheduled Call backs sequenced before our example 4:00pm Callback (such as from the previous night, or prior to 4:00pm today), those respondents will come up, until which time the interviewers have caught up with all pending Call backs, and the 4:00pm Callback will then be considered. Please contact ComQuest if you would like further explanation of this process.


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