Select Phone Importing

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You may import new phone numbers direct from Select Phone CD-ROM disks, if you follow these steps:


1. In SelectPhone/Windows program, retrieve the numbers you desire, generally for a City Name or Zip Code.  In Options / Search Settings, be sure Residential Only is checked.


2. Export these records by choosing File / Export, and make sure All Matching is checked.  Select ASCII as the Format To Export, and sort by Name (the default).


3. After you've exported the first batch (created the file), you can continue to export additional records to this same file, by clicking on the Append button after naming the file.


HandThe SelectPhone Import feature will ONLY work if the fields  are as follows:


 "Jane Wells","1234 Main Street","Anytown","CA","91901","619-555-1212"

   (Name)         (Address)       (City)  (State) (Zip)   (Phone)


HandThe first and last name are combined to form one name field.


If you are using the Hispanic surname filter when importing the SelectPhone list, be sure to export only the Last name, not the First and Last name!


If each line is not formatted in this manner, and does not contain each and every one of these fields, in this exact order, the import will not work.


Please view the data file before importing to confirm it is correct, and make a backup in case the respondents file is contaminated by the importation of unusable data.