Scrolling Message

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This procedure is used to send a brief message to each interviewer that is in Make Calls in a specific database.  The message that you type --- up to 70 characters in length --- is displayed in a scrolling bar of text across the top of their Make Calls screen.


When you type the message to deliver to each interviewer, you can also specify how long you want this message to be displayed (you can display a message for up to 1 hour).



Scrolling Interviewer Message form


It's not possible to message individual interviewers; when you use the scrolling message feature, all interviewers that are currently in Make Calls in the directory in which you enter the message will see it.


This feature is used primarily by clients with large call centers, where it is not feasible to walk around to all interviewers --- especially when they're in the middle of a call --- and deliver the same message to them all.


HandIf a test-taker drops from the Fileserver or a demo cell gets closed, that scrolling message will be displayed instead of any scrolling message you may have scheduled.


If you want to display a message to all users (not just interviewers in Make Calls), for a period longer than an hour, you should consider using the Full Screen Memo feature.


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