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This is where all the activity occurs for outgoing phone calls.



Make Calls screen


The first thing you'll notice at the top of the Make Calls screen is a Respondent Image in the left corner, and the Interviewer Scripts to the right of it.


Respondent Images


A respondent image will be displayed for each record that contains demographic (age), gender and ethnic information.  There are nearly 300 .JPG images stored on each computer, classified by each of these three factors.  The images display randomly, and are of course not pictures of the actual respondent you're about to call, but rather someone of their same age, gender and ethnic group.


The purpose of the image is to help you visualize the person you're speaking with on the phone, and to help you develop a more friendly, conversational exchange with this person.  In the case of first-time calls, no image will be displayed, but as you qualify the respondent and select their demographic, gender and ethnic attributes, one of the random images will be displayed at that time.


Respondent Record Selection


Respondent records are displayed on each interviewer's Workstation using the following logic:


The Schedule file is first checked for any Fixed Call backs.  These are respondents that have been scheduled to be called at the current time (+ 5 minutes or - 60 minutes).  These respondents take priority over all other Scheduled call backs, as well as new, never-called respondent records.


Any standard Scheduled Call backs with a date prior to today, or a date of today and a time prior to the Workstation's current system time are considered for calling.


If there are no Fixed Call backs or standard Scheduled Call backs, the next new, uncalled respondent record (First Time Calls) is displayed on the interviewer's Workstation.


For all Scheduled Call backs (Fixed and standard), any existing information on the respondent record is compared with the current Recruitment Quotas in ComQuest.  Only respondents that would qualify for your music test, based on the current quota settings, are delivered to the Workstations for calling. Respondents that are not qualified for one reason or another are moved ahead three days in the Schedule file (this behavior can be changed to 8-days; see Override Settings).  For example, if an 18-24 Female is Scheduled to be called back at this time, but this demo/gender cell is turned off in your recruitment quotas, the respondent record is moved forward three days, and is never displayed on the interviewer's Workstation.  This prevents the interviewers from wasting time calling back respondents that wouldn't qualify to take your music test anyway.


After ComQuest has selected a number to call (either randomly, or if there were any waiting in the Schedule File to call-back), the interviewer must either Dial the call or Exit.