Scoring Options

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Scoring Options script


When the respondent has successfully met all your quota requirements, the interviewer will then prepare to send them to the Fileserver, by reviewing the scoring options for the music test with them.  The interviewer still has the option of Terminating the call if they should choose not to participate in the test (click on Terminate button), or Setting a Call Back, if they request that you contact them at another time/date.


When the respondent agrees to take the test, click on the Scores button, which will change the script in the message box to include the instructions for scoring the songs, etc.


Be sure the respondent jots down at least a couple of key words for each scoring option.  Don't allow them to just memorize the options, as most people will begin to confuse the choices after the first few songs if they haven't written them down.


A good practice to get into is to ask each respondent, before transferring them to the Fileserver to take test, how they would score a particular attribute.  For example, ", if you're TIRED of the song, which button are you going to press...?"  If they don't answer this sample question correctly, that means they don't fully understand the scoring options, and you should not transfer them to take the test until they have resolved their confusion.


While reviewing Scoring Options, you can go back to any portion of the Screener by clicking on the header you wish to revisit.  For example, if they think of another station they listened to, you can return to the station box by clicking on the header over that section of the screen.


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