Scores Management

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Scores Management menu options


As respondents score your songs (and interactive questions you're asking on the Fileserver), their results are stored in a file called SCORES.DAT.


The Scores Management options, under the Analysis menu, provides a procedure to audit the score results of a defined research period using the Integrity Check report.


You can also view (and change, if necessary) the raw score data by selecting the Change Scores option.


To delete scores from respondents that didn't complete the test, or to delete any multiple score data from the same respondent during a given research cycle, select Delete Incomplete Scores from the Scores Management menu. This automated process should only be run for the current test cycle, and will arbitrarily delete actual scores from respondents that scored less than the default number of songs you specify, and/or deleted duplicate scores from respondents that may have inadvertently been given the test more than once in the current test cycle.


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