Schedule Respondents

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Just as the instructions on this screen describe, this procedure is used to tag a group of new, not-yet-called respondent records, for calling ASAP.  We say as soon as possible, rather than immediately, because if you already have respondent records scheduled to be called through today, the numbers you are about to tag with this procedure will not be called until you get "caught up" with those already-pending schedule records.



Scheduling newly added respondents for calling


When you select this option, you also must specify how many respondent records you want to tag for calling.  Generally a couple hundred will keep two or three interviewers busy for most of a night.  When you click the Start button, ComQuest will begin working from the very end of your respondent file... generally where the most-recently added respondent records will be found... and begin tagging all those that:


Have never been called


Have no schedule record already assigned


The current time and date is assigned to each schedule record for each respondent, until the quantity you request have been tagged.  The next time you run this procedure, ComQuest will of course have to dig further and further up, into your database, so at some point, the most-recently added respondent records will all be tagged (from previously running this procedure), and the effectiveness of running this will be marginal at best.