Schedule File By Demo/Gender

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Schedule File By Demo/Gender filter


At the end of the week, you may still need a couple respondents from a specific demo/gender cell to complete your research cycle.  There are two ways to locate respondents of a certain demo/gender; one is by filtering the respondent file by that demo/gender; the other is by filtering the Schedule file by demo/gender (respondents tagged for callback).


When you use the Schedule By Demo/Gender procedure, you will see two browse tabs - Date and Respondent. Only the respondents meeting the demo/gender criteria you specified are displayed.



Schedule File By Demo/Gender browse


To locate a respondent(s) that took the test a long time ago, you specify their demo/gender on the filter screen, select the Date tab from the Respondents By Demo screen, then click the arrow to the far left on the VCR buttons in the lower left corner of the browse.  This will take you to the oldest (not called in the longest time) respondents.  From there, you can locate a previous test taker or Complete (view their Status), and select their respondent record by double-clicking the left mouse button on that respondent (or press Enter on your keyboard when the desired respondent is highlighted.).


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