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Schedule menu options


The Analysis/Schedule File menu offers two options:


a browse of all respondents scheduled for callback (By Date/Time)


a view of only respondents of a specified demo/gender tagged for callback (By Demo/Gender)


A respondent record is assigned a corresponding Schedule record with the appropriate date/time when one or more of the following conditions occur:


A call to the respondent results in either a Busy, Answering Machine or Call Back by the interviewer;


The respondent completes the test, and has opted-in for another test in the future (panels);


The respondent did not complete the test, and by running the Scores Integrity Check routine, a callback record to complete the test was assigned to this respondent;


Reactivate Unqualifieds was run, which will reactivate rested respondents by assigning a new Schedule record to them;


A respondent record was added manually, and Call ASAP (or other scheduled date/time) was specified.


Each respondent can have only one Schedule callback record at any given time.  That is to say, you can not add multiple Schedule records for a given respondent. Only one Schedule record --- the one specifying the next immediate date/time they should be called back --- is maintained by the system.



Schedule file browse


The records in the Schedule File Browse are displayed in the sequential order in which they are currently queued to be called. (However, Fixed Calls are sorted at the end of the browse.)  The respondent scheduled to come up next, and the date and time it is scheduled to be called is displayed, followed by the next to be called, etc.


The status of respondents who previously took a test (whether they completed it or not), will be highlighted in yellow. CompleteStatus This makes it easy to locate specific respondents that previously qualified to take your music test.  The current status in their respondent record may not be a Take Test or Complete (they may have subsequently been a Callback, or Busy, etc.), however, if they have any Take Test or Complete records in their History file, this respondent will be displayed in yellow in the Schedule file.


Total Counters


At the bottom of the Schedule file screen are two boxes where total counts are displayed.



Call backs counter


The box to the left reflects records in your Schedule file.  It shows how many respondents are scheduled to be called back, for one reason or another.  It will also tell you how many of these are scheduled through today (the rest would be scheduled for tomorrow or later), as well as the number of these that are Fixed Call backs.



Respondent record counter


The box to the right displays information about your respondent records.  It is shown here so that you can get a quick count of how many total respondents you have in your ComQuest database, and, more importantly, how many have not yet been called.  Once this Not Yet Called count gets below a few hundred, you will begin to get a warning when you log-in to the system:



Low Respondent warning


When you begin to see this warning, you should make plans to either purchase additional numbers (from SSI, InfoUSA, Metromail, Donnelley, etc.), or to import a database from a frequent listener or winner's list, or to begin generating random numbers.


HandOnce your system has no new phone numbers left, and you are caught up on all pending Scheduled call backs, you will not be able to make any more calls!


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