Roll Records

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The sequencing of Schedule records is set by the interviewers when they click on the Busy, Answering Machine and Call Back buttons.  Also, as respondents take a music test, they are set to be called back at a subsequent time, as a record is added to the Schedule file with the appropriate date and time of when they should next be called.


However, sometimes you may want to massage the Schedule file a little.  Reasons for doing this include:


Moving log-jammed Busys and Answering Machine calls out of the way.


Moving any previous test-takers (panelists) scheduled to be called over the weekend up, so they get called today.


You can do this by using the Roll Records procedure.  Roll Records provides you with total flexibility over your Schedule file.  It allows you to specify:


How far into the Schedule file (based on call back date) you wish to dig


How many days forward (or backward) you want to roll these records


What types of records to roll (Completes, Answering Machines, All Records, etc.)




Roll Records screen


Once you have made these selections, click OK, and Roll Records will begin processing your Schedule file and making changes based on your settings.


HandNo changes are made to Respondent records with this procedure.


Only the related Schedule record is changed, if it meets the criteria you have specified.  If you accidentally roll a large number of records the wrong way; for example, instead of moving Answering Machines and Busys out of the way, you roll hundreds of them scheduled for next week back to today, you can always undo that action by just rolling those same records back the other way!