Review Most Recent Calls

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Review Most Recent Calls screen


The supervisor or Research Director can review the most recent attempts made by interviewers by selecting this option.  The table displays the most recent attempts, in descending order.  That is, the last call attempted is shown first, followed by the call previous to that, etc.


This is a good way to spot-check how things are going... Who's making how many calls, and what the status is for those calls.  Optionally, if specific information needs to be reviewed on a specific respondent/attempt, the desired record can be highlighted and selected by double-clicking the left mouse button, or by pressing the Enter key when the desired record is highlighted.


Interviewers may use Review Most Recent Calls to find a recent respondent from whom they were inadvertently disconnected.  By finding the desired respondent in the list, then double-clicking the left mouse button while the highlight bar is on that respondent, they can view all information on the respondent.  After redialing the respondent, they can then transfer them to the Fileserver by following the same transfer procedure as in Make Calls.


In fact, the individual respondent records, accessed either through Review Most Recent Calls, Review History, Review Completes or through the Respondent File or Schedule File options under the Analysis menu, provide the same functionality as in Make Calls --- except there are no Interviewer Scripts at the top of the screen.  Interviewers can Dial, Transfer, make a respondent a Callback or Terminate them from their individual respondent record, accessed through any of the procedures listed above.


Optional Filter Settings


In addition to displaying all calls from all interviewers, there are two settings that can be used on the Review Most Calls screen to further filter the records displayed.



Filter settings on Review Most Recent Calls screen


When checked on, Show Only My Calls will display only those calls made by the interviewer that is logged in to that computer (all other interviewers' calls are not displayed).  In addition, clicking on Show Only Take Tests will display only those respondents that are Take Tests or Completes (all other calls are filtered out).  This setting can be helpful when an interviewer is trying to locate a recently transferred respondent (a Take Test), and does not want to have to search through all the other Busys, Answering Machines, Terminates, etc. to find them.


hand If an interviewer does not have more than a couple dozen calls or more than a couple dozen completes, clicking on these filter buttons may slow the system.


That's because ComQuest has to search through thousands of respondent records in an effort to find enough to fill the screen with your filter request (either only this interviewer's calls, and/or only Take Tests and Completes).  If they do not have enough to fill the screen, the interviewer should not click on these filter buttons, as it may take several minutes before the searching is completed, and they are then able to resume using their computer.


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