Review Completes

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Review Completes screen


The most recent Completes, in descending order, are displayed, and information can be reviewed or changed as necessary.  This screen is protected from interviewers, so that only the research supervisor or PD can access a list of recent Completes.


Information on the selected respondent, such as their date/timestamp, ID number, Name and Interviewer are displayed on the screen.  This screen will also indicate when the last time was that this person was called, and if they're tagged to be called back at a later time.


This screen is intended to be used just to view information on the selected respondent, although most data can also be changed from here.


The Review Completes screen is essentially the same as Review History, except records that are not completes are filtered out.  This is the quickest way to locate a specific respondent that completed the test, if you know the approximate date/time they took the test, but are not sure of their name or respondent ID.


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