Review Changes

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Review Changes screen


Each time an interviewer (anybody with a Level code of less than 800) goes into a respondent record screen (such as from Review Most Recent Calls or Respondent File), a record is written to a log bearing their name.


For example, an interviewer named "Abrielle" would create a log file called ABRIELLE.CHG.  You may view this log file from Review Changes, and see what activity each interviewer has created in ComQuest procedures other than Make Calls.


This is part of the system's verification and checks and balances that enable you to keep track of what is happening with your callout department, even when you're not there to directly oversee it.


ComQuest is most efficient when interviewers are in Make Calls and click on the Dial button a couple hundred times per night.


If they spend too much time manually looking up respondents, or sifting through a file to find someone that might look promising for them to call, your efficiency will begin to slip. Review Changes is a great way to keep tabs on how often interviewers are leaving Make Calls and how much time they're spending (and what they're doing) in other procedures in the program.


If they change a respondent's phone number, attempt to transfer a respondent that doesn't qualify or change the demo, gender, stations or ethnicity of a respondent that's previously been called, this activity will be documented in that interviewer's .CHG file.


You can perform a text search of a particular .CHG file by clicking the right mouse button over the white portion of the Review Changes screen.  From the pop-up menu, select Find and enter the text string you wish to locate.  This could be a respondent's name or ID or phone number, or a specific date or time, or a keyword for some operation the interviewer performed such as changed or attempted or W-A-R-N-I-N-G-!.


You can also print all or a selected portion of a .CHG file by choosing Print from the pop up menu.


From time to time, you should purge each interviewer's .CHG file.  These are merely ASCII text files, which will continue to grow in size as each interviewer continues using the system. At some point, they will become too big to effectively print or search for specific items. Purging each interviewer's .CHG file every 6-8 months should result in more manageable files. Purge the entire contents of the file you are viewing by clicking the Purge File button.


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