Restoring Data

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Restoring a backup


Restore Data is used when you want to revert to an earlier version of ComQuest data files, or if you're trying to load new data on your laptop or home computer.


HandRestoring Data is a drastic step and will greatly affect the data files on your system. You should first contact ComQuest Technical Support before taking this step!


If you're restoring a previous version of data that you backed up on your hard drive, select the source using the lookup button to the right of the Select File field. Otherwise, use the lookup button to navigate to the A:\ drive of this computer, if you're restoring from a floppy disk.


If you're restoring a backup that was made to floppy, be sure you have the first disk of the series in the drive, then the OK button to restore.  If there are multiple disks, you will be prompted to insert each disk accordingly.



Restore backup options


After you've selected the zipped file you wish to restore, you then have three options regarding what to do with this backup.


View Contents


This option will merely show you a listing of the files contained in this backup.  No restoration of any data files will occur if this is the only option you select from the Restore procedure.


Extract File


This option allows you to extract one file at a time from a zipped backup.  This could be helpful if only one or two of your data files become corrupted.  Rather than restore an entire archival backup, you can restore just the one or two files you need.


Restore All Files


This option will do just what it says... restore (and overwrite all existing data files) in your C:\COMQUEST folder. You must be very sure that this is indeed the procedure you wish to execute before running this!  This procedure is irreversible, and will literally restore your data files to the status of your backup.


HandIf the backup you are restoring contains only the Data (.DAT) files, and no Key files (.K0*), then you must Rebuild Keys after restoring the data.


If the proper Key files do not match the correct Data files, you will not be able to make meaningful use of your data.


When each computer (Workstations and Fileserver) are either booted up, or a new Windows user logs-in to Windows (not ComQuest), an automated program known as AutoBack will run. This creates a backup of your data files on that computer's hard-drive.  While all the ComQuest data files are stored in the C:\COMQUEST folder on your Fileserver, the daily backups on each of the Workstations (in addition to the backup on the Fileserver itself), provide a safety mechanism.  Should one (or even two) of your computer's hard-drives crash, you will always have at least one recoverable backup on the remaining computer(s).


Of course, if you rarely turn off or reboot any of your computers, these automated backups will not be created and you would have to rely on the most recent manually-created backup that you have.


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