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You can review, or lookup, any respondent record in your system by selecting Respondent File/Browse Respondents from the Analysis menu on the main ComQuest screen, or by clicking on this icon:




The respondents file provides the Research Supervisor with a snapshot overview of each respondent in the system.  Information such as name, last time called, status, etc. can be viewed and/or changed from this screen.



Respondent file browse screen


There are four primary sort orders in which the respondents file may be viewed:


Name.  Sorts alphabetically based on the first letters of each respondent's name.  Respondent records with no name are not displayed in this browse.


ID Number.  Sorts numerically by each respondent's unique ID number.


Date. Respondent file is sequenced in order of the date and timestamp on each record.  Respondents that have not yet been called, and thus have no datestamp, are not displayed.


Phone.  Sorts numerically by phone number.


To navigate up or down throughout any of the browses, use the VCR buttons in the lower left corner of each browse box vcr, or use the Lookup field above the browse box to locate a specific respondent.


By Name


There are several options available when trying to locate a specific respondent.  If you know the first name, and at least the first few characters of the last name, the respondent can be located by name.


All respondents will be listed in alphabetical order, sorted according to first and last name.  For that reason, if you're looking for Jane Doe, for example, you would enter Jane D, to at least take you to this portion of the alphabetical list.


Only those respondents that have a name entered will be displayed on the Name browse.  So, if you have entered or imported phone numbers, and there are no names for some or all of those records, they will be hidden and not available to be viewed from this screen.  You can determine which records have no names, and view them selectively by choosing to browse respondents by Phone Number, Date or ID Number, rather than by Name.




Each respondent has a unique serial number attached to their record.  This number is generally attached to the record when the respondent is either first entered manually or imported into the system.  This is a unique number, much like a person's social security system.  This number is required, because a respondent's phone number might change at some point, so all other records linked to this respondent (History, Scores, Schedule, etc.) would no longer be relevant.  The ID number however is unique, and never changes.


The easiest way to locate a respondent is if you know their unique Respondent ID Number.  This is the number you see on the screen when you transfer the respondent to the Fileserver to take the music test.  For example, if a respondent's ID number is 1234, the transfer box on the screen will say Transferring 1234.


You can locate a specific respondent by their respondent ID Number, either by using the scroll bar on the right, or the toolbar at the top of the browse box.


You can also enter the desired respondent's number and go directly to that respondent's record.  Be sure the sort order is by Respondent ID Number (click on that tab).  Then, type in the complete respondent number in the locator field, press the Tab key and you'll be taken directly to that respondent ID number.


The highlight bar will now be over the desired respondent.  You can then review the entire record for this person by pressing Enter, double-clicking the left mouse button, or clicking on the Change button at the bottom of the screen.


By Date


Each time a respondent is called, no matter what the result of that call, the datestamp and timestamp of that record is updated (to the current date/time of the Workstation which initiated the call).  Depending on whether the call resulted in qualifying the respondent to take the music test, or the line was busy, disconnected, etc. a corresponding History record may or may not be added or updated. But in any event, the date and timestamp of the respondent record is updated.


When you review the Respondents By Date, you will see a sequential listing of all calls (by all interviewers) in order by the date/time they were last called.  To jump to a specific date, enter that date in the Lookup field above the browse box, and press the Tab key on your keyboard.


By Phone


To sort the respondent file by Phone Number, click on the Phone tab. The scrolling list displays the phone numbers of all respondents in the system; not just those who have been called or who have taken the test.


To quickly locate a specific respondent, type in the first few digits of their phone number.  You'll be taken to the first record that either matches exactly, or is as closely matched as possible, in the system. This is an incremental lookup. The more characters you type, the closer the lookup will take you to the desired record in your database.


From this scrolling list, you may select a specific respondent to review by placing the highlight bar on the desired phone number and either double-clicking the left mouse button or pressing your keyboard's Enter key, or click on the Change button at the bottom of the screen.


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