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All song and question output in ComQuest is run from the Reports menu.



Reports Menu


Most reports can be directed to the printer, a file (PDF or ASCII text) or the screen. If you send the report to the screen, after viewing, you can then choose whether to print that report, or save it as an ASCII (text) or PDF file.


Sample Size


Most reports will display an "n=" value, which indicates the sample size for the specified research period.  As some songs may have differing numbers of scores, the value displayed reflects the maximum number of scores any one (or more) song(s) has/have.  Because not all songs may have been tested for the full test cycle, some songs might, and indeed would have, varying numbers of scores.  Also, if you're not using Completes Only, that means scores from test-takers who did not finish the test will also be included.  As each respondent begins at a random point in the song test list, incomplete test-takers will then create varying numbers of scores for each song.


There is only one report in the ComQuest system that shows you exactly how many scores each song has in a specified test period; that is the Raw Counts report.  All other reports indicate a maximum value of scores for any one (or more) songs in the report.  When you have a question about the actual sample size, or the score you're seeing for a particular song, you should run the Raw Counts report, with the same date, demo and gender parameters.  This will allow you to see not only the total number of scores for each song, but the raw number of scores for each scoring attribute (how many people pressed "1", "2", "3", etc.)


Scoring Threshold


If you've just recently begun testing one or more songs, you may not want it to be included in the reports you run, until it has garnered enough total scores.  For example, if you put a new song in the music test, and only one person takes the test before you run a report, that song will show as either 0% or 100% Familiar (the same will be true for its Positive, Burn, Dislike and Favorite scores as well).  Imagine basing music decisions on the results of one score!  The situation is not much better if you only had 2 scores... or 3 or 4, etc.


There is probably a threshold you would like to reach before you include results for any particular song in any report.  This is the function of the Threshold, which you can set on the Settings & Defaults / Configure tab. If you enter a number, such as 10, in this field, that tells ComQuest that you don't want to see any songs included in any reports until which time they have at least 10 scores (for the research period you've defined).  Until that time, the results for that song will be suppressed, and will not be included in the reports you run.


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