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Report Profiles browse


When you run most reports in ComQuest, you can generally filter such parameters as date range (start and end; or just end-date, in the case of weekly trend reports), and demographics, gender and ethnicity on some reports.


Sometimes however, you may wish to extract a subset of the data for one or more reports. For example, you may wish to view a Favorite song report, but include only respondents that preferred a competitive station. Or include all people that cumed your station. Or only your P1's, etc.  This is the function of Report Profiles.


You may have an unlimited number of Report Profiles in your system.  Think of a Report Profile as a filter that allows you to segregate respondents in your research cycle.  As you can already filter by date and demo/gender on most reports, those factors are not included in Report Profiles.  However stations cumed and preferred (the two listening boxes from your screener), and Ethnicity attributes are included.



Report Profiles form


To add a new Report Profile, click the Insert button.  Type a description so you will be able to identify this profile when you run song reports.  If you're creating a profile for WAAA cumers, you might name the profile: WAAA Cumers.  You'll be able to select any of the Report Profiles from a drop box when you run most reports in ComQuest.


HandYou will only be able to select one Report Profile to run against any report.


Say for example, you have a Report Profile that is only WAAA cumers, and another Report Profile that is only WBBB cumers.  If you wish to run a report that includes all WAAA and WBBB cumers, you won't be able to select both of these profiles.  You will have to add a third profile which includes WAAA and WBBB cumers, and select this profile when you run your song report.


Setting By Tier


If you are testing more than one tier of music, and using cume to qualify respondents, or if some station listeners are included in the sample for more than one tier, Report Profiles will probably not work in the correct manner.  Rather than separating the results from two or more tiers, those results will probably be combined, creating a meaningless array of song scores from two or more groups of respondents.


In this case, you should use the Tier setting in the lower right corner of the Report Profile screen.  Selecting the Tier option (typing in a number such as 1, 2 or 3, etc. to correspond to the tier you desire), will then lock the results pulled when using this Report Profile to each respondent's discrete Quota Tier.  Then, for example if you're setting this up for Tier 2, only the scores from all Tier 2 respondents will be included, no matter what stations they cumed or preferred, or what their ethnic group.  Notice when you enter a number other than 0 (zero) in the Tier field, all the station and ethnicity fields are actually disabled, as you are now specifying you want to pull respondent song results based on the Tier they qualified for, not by any of the other parameters on the screen.