Remove Area Code

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This is a procedure you will probably never use.  However, if you have mistakenly added some respondent records to your database from an Area Code that you're not interested in surveying, or if you've had some change in your geographic market which has now lead you to decide to not include respondents from that Area Code in your testing, this is the procedure you would run.



Remove Area Codes screen


HandThis procedure could significantly alter your data. Please make a backup first!


Enter the Area Code range you wish to remove from your database.  If there is only one Area Code you wish to remove, enter it in both fields.  In the example screen shot above, that is what we are doing; removing all Respondent records from only the 619 Area Code.


Decide whether or not you want to Terminate any respondents that have previously been called in this Area Code, no matter what their current status is.  This will effectively Terminate any respondents that might be Call Backs or previous test-takers, which means they will then never be scheduled to be called back again.


Click OK to begin running this procedure (did you make a backup first?), or click Cancel to exit this procedure without running it.