Real Time Metrics

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Real Time Metrics allows you to view interviewer activity, as it occurs, in each database.



Real Time Metrics screen


You can choose to view interviewer productivity sorted by any of eight various attributes including Attempts, Completes, Terminates, Answering Machines, etc.  Also, you can choose to review efficiency over either the last hour, last two hours, fours hours or 24 hours.  The screen is refreshed every minute, the counts are updated and interviewer rank order is re-sorted.


In addition to the overall attribute counts displayed for each interviewer, you will also see the interval since the last call was completed to the far right.  This number will be displayed as either a 0 (zero), meaning it has been less than a minute since that interviewer completed their last call (such as with Agnes, in the screenshot above), or as a negative number, indicating the number of minutes that have elapsed since the interviewer last completed a call (such as -2, or 2-minutes for both Laurie and Matt in the screenshot above).


If we have activated the Monitor Interviewer functionality on your system, you will also be able to click on any of the active interviewers' names (as long as they are in Make Calls), and view a screenshot of their computer monitor in real time.


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