Reactivate Respondents

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Reactivate Respondents screen


Every few months, you may Reactivate Respondents, if you wish.  Sometimes, especially late in the research week, you may have already reached your quota in one or more demo, station or ethnic groups.  For example, you might normally allow 20 Asian respondents in a week, but you've already hit that quota this week.  That means that as you continue to place calls, every Asian person you get from now on this week will be Not Qualified.  However, if you call them back in a few weeks, when you haven't already hit your quota, they would then be Qualified (assuming they qualified with station listening, gender and age criteria).  This is the premise behind Reactivating Respondents.


When you first go into Reactivate Respondents, the stations, ethnic groups and demo/gender groups that are currently active in Set Recruitment Quotas will be checked.  You can override any of these settings (turn them on or off), as you desire, but be sure you understand the implications of your actions!  Any changes to the default settings in this screen can have a drastic effect on your schedule file!


HandIf you reactivate respondents that would not qualify for your song test, those respondent records will be skipped in Make Calls.


This will create a tremendous backlog of respondents, that will simply never come up on the interviewer's Workstation.  For example, if you reactivate all respondents that are 12-14 years old, yet you never test 12-14 year olds, why waste time calling them?  ComQuest will simply move that respondent up 3 days, and not even bother presenting the record on the interviewer's Workstation in Make Calls.  This improves efficiency for the interviewer, by preventing them from phoning a respondent that we already know won't qualify for your test.  However, you can override this functionality, as well as the number of days that unqualified respondents get moved forward, in the Utilities / Override Settings screen.


When you Reactivate Respondents, each respondent record that was previously called and rejected for one reason or another is analyzed.  If the reason for not qualifying is due to station preference, demo, gender or ethnicity, and those attributes match the attributes you've specified in the Reactivate Respondents screen, the person is assigned a Call Back Date of however many days you have set as your panel call back interval, from when they were last contacted, and given a status of Reactivated.  This gives them another shot at qualifying, and extends the usable life of your database. (Additionally, a related Schedule record is added to the Schedule file for each of these reactivated respondents; this is what leads them to come up again on an interviewer's Workstation.)


There is no harm in running this procedure too often; it simply won't find any new people to Reactivate if there aren't any recent Not Qualified's.  Generally, once every 90 days or so should give you anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred reactivated leads that might prove more productive the next time around.


You can monitor the progress of the Reactivation process by watching the screen counter click off the number of records being reviewed, and how many have been reactivated.


HandYou can only run Reactivate Respondents for dates prior to your current test week.


This is simply so you won't alter any respondent records or data from your current test cycle.


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